Flaming row over Olympic Torch in Cumbernauld

WHEN Cumbernauld learned that it had landed the accolade of being the only part of North Lanarkshire on the Olympic Torch relay this begged the one very important question: Who would bear the sacred flame through North Carbrain Road on June 13?

Saturday, 14th April 2012, 8:00 am

Residents had every expectation that those who had earned the unique honour of carrying the torch would be recognisable local figures who embodied excellence on the local sporting scene – or had made some other sort of contribution to Cumbernauld.

But it has transpired that NOT ONE of the torchbearers chosen for this ages old honour is from the town - meaning the recognition factor will be zero.

For we have since learned that they hail from Stirling, Bonnybridge and Uphall!

That has sparked concerns that the crucial local link would be missing on this historic day.

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