Former teacher’s novel new career

Author Jane Young of Dullatur
Author Jane Young of Dullatur

A CUMBERNAULD woman who has spent decades teaching in local schools has a new role in life – as an author.

Over the years Jane Young taught at primaries in Kildrum, Seafar and Abronhill and will be recognised by many of our readers.

Jane was the head teacher of Abronhill Nursery School for 19 years – but retirement has allowed her to flex her creative talents under the pen name Jeanie Carr.

And a ‘contemporary comedy thriller’ called Jock Tamson’s Bairns is the result.

Jane hails from Cumbernauld Village but now lives in a picturesque cottage in Dullatur

And here she is afforded a magnificent view of the Kilsyth Hills to draw inspiration from as she dreams up plotlines and dialogue – in the Scottish tongue.

In the case of her first novel, this focuses on a character she describes as ‘’a lovable rogue’’ from Glasgow who embarks on a journey from Scotland to France then back to Scotland – culminating in a dramatic scene on Ben Nevis!

Jane said: ‘’I don’t want to give too much away about the plot but the book is partly about child trafficking. I know that sounds a bit heavy but I am hoping that there is enough humour in the book to make it seem a bit more approachable as a subject.’’

The book was five years in the planning but took roughly six months to write – a first attempt was considered to be too brief and US-based self-publishing house AuthorHouse have been keeping in touch with Jane over its progress.

It’s now at the stage where the finishing touches have been put to the front cover – and Jane is delighted.

“At the point where I stopped writing I just couldn’t believe I had done it. It was a wonderful feeling – but I am a finisher,” said Jane who is also well-known locally as a championship- winning member of Dullatur Golf Club and Dullatur Lawn Tennis Club.

Jane revealed that she hasn’t shown the finished product to anyone. “I didn’t want to force them,” she said.

But family and friends could form just a small part of its potential readership as Jock Tamson’s Bairns will soon be available on ebooks and Amazon.