Foster homes sought for unusual dog breed

Hattie the Shar Pei
Hattie the Shar Pei

This festive season we have been approached by an organisation which desperately needs to find homes for an unusual but very lovable breed of dog.

That is the Shar-pei, an ancient Chinese breed famed for its wrinkled coat which has grown in popularity in recent years.

Although cuddlesome as pups, the creatures quickly grow into a more streamlined hound-like breed which is similar to a Labrador – and naturally have the same needs of a dog that size.

Perhaps as a result, many of the dogs have been abandoned.And the need to find rescue homes for them is so great that volunteers are willing to travel from ENGLAND to deliver the Shar-peis to new owners.

Shar-pei Rescue and Welfare UK now has a Scottish representative, Gina McCallum. Gina owns five Shar-peis of her own – and every single one was a foster dog that she could not bear to part with.

She is now on the hunt for fundraisers, drivers and anyone who could find it within their heart to open their home to a Shar-pei on a temporary or permanent basis. Gina, of East Kilbride, blames this sad trend on the fickle nature of some pet owners who want a ‘designer’ dog.

She said: “They have been treated as a fashion accessory that is now out of fashion and we are inundated with them. They are the most loving, funny, stubborn, protective dog that anyone could ever ask for and they will give you back 10 times whatever you give them. Please give these dogs a chance.”

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