Fresh police alert on cold call crooks

Police are urging people to beware of cold call scammers
Police are urging people to beware of cold call scammers

POLICE are again warning local householders to beware bogus callers following recent incidents.

A 73-year-old woman in Kelvinhead was approached outside her house at around 1pm on November 8 by a man who claimed to have been sent to cut her grass.

She challenged the man and he left, but when the woman returned home she realised her purse had been taken. The man is described as white, aged around 40 and about 5ft 10in tall, and wore a beanie-style hat. It is thought another male was driving the van.

And a day or two later a woman in Gartcosh found a man in her house who claimed he was there to make some sewage repairs, but left without doing any work.

Sergeant Jacquie Stuart of Cumbernauld Police Station said: “These were despicable crimes, which deliberately targeted elderly and vulnerable people and left them particularly shaken and upset. We want to catch those responsible before they target anyone else and would ask the public to come forward with any information they may have.

“We remind all householders never to allow anyone they don’t know into their home without prior invitation. We also suggest that people go to reputable companies or companies that have been recommended by others. It’s a good idea to speak with Trading Standards about a company before going ahead with work.”