Fresh twist in Kilsyth Green Belt controversy

Resident Peter Mcfarlane is angry at proposals to build on Green Belt land.
Resident Peter Mcfarlane is angry at proposals to build on Green Belt land.
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A GROUP of residents in Wellshot have spoken up after Kilsyth Community Council said that there had been no public objections to build houses in their area.

The council stated at a meeting last week that they had no issues with possible plans to build affordable housing at Craigmarloch, Wellshot and Auchinstarry, nor did any members of the public, although other sites had proved more contentious.

That however has upset people living in Wellshot Lane as it is understood that all residents living there have lodged an objection to the plans in writing to the Scottish Government.

Peter McFarlane (40), a Wellshot Lane resident, said: “I was quite shocked when I heard that the commnuity council had said there was no public objection to the plans to build here.

“Everyone who lives here has lodged an objection to the Scottish Government.

“People might expect that from anyone facing new housing being built next to them, but there are lots of viable reasons why we feel that there should be no building here.

“This is Green Belt land. The houses here back on to the Kelvin Valley Walk Way, we are surrounded by a site of importance for nature conservation.

“All kinds of people, birds, wild life and animals use this land and it would all be disturbed if they were to build here.”

However, Community Council chairman Scott Johnson clarified the situation by explaining that the council’s statement came as a result of previous public discussion where no representations had been made against the proposal to build in Wellshot.

Mr Johnson said: “There were no representations or objections made to the community council by people from Wellshot, or any members of the public regarding the possibility of building there, either last week or 18 months ago when we had the first open discussions on the plans.

“These proposals have been heard twice. As far as we know, the situation has not changed and no one has made any representations or objections to these plans at the council meetings.

“We have listened and not had one voice against these plans.

“The residents’ objections will be taken into account by the Scottish Government, along with any of the others.

“It’s just the case that the community council’s view is generally taken as that of the whole community as it is a body of elected representatives, so may carry more sway than individual objections.”