Bobby Johnstone CDC.
Bobby Johnstone CDC.

A look through the back editions of the Cumbernauld News

PLUNGED into chaos - that was the news for long suffering shoppers after it emerged that North Lanarkshire Council had sensationally parted company with the developers tasked with bringing Cumbernauld Centre into the 21st century. Hopes had been high for the £65 million development which was intended to act as a magnet for big names - but developer Arrowcroft failed to attract Marks & Spencers and was failing to find other investors. Cumbernauld councillor Rosemary McKenna said she was “bitterly disappointed’’ after Arrowcroft admitted it had NO plans for an atrium and civic square -and the council itself took the view to sever links with the firm.


A KEY figure at Cumbernauld United quit as its president. Norrie Kennedy said that he could not run united’s social club and oversee the football side of things. He said: “I did it with deep regret to achieve such a position and then have to give it up goes against the grain. I recently felt that I was president in name only after the amount of time taken up at the social club.’’


MARGARET Thatcher visited Cumbernauld to meet with the party faithful and consolidate the efforts of local Conservatives who wanted to win the East Dunbartonshire seat back from the Scottish Nationalists. Candidate Michael Hurst accompanied Mrs Thatcher on her trip which culminated in a function at the Golden Eagle Hotel. She was presented with a cook book and sprig of white heather from the constituency. A delighted Mr Hurst said: “Mrs Thatcher’s visit was a tremendous morale booster and her natural enthusiasm rubbed off on everybody.’’


CHILDREN are depriving their parents of a job - that was the shock claim from parents who were annoyed to see youngsters delivering leaflets for the Cumbernauld Development Corporation. Labour councillor Ross Reid said: “Just what amount of time was spent by teachers and headteachers interupting my child’s education? I deplore the fact that children are being used when there are around 1000 unemployed people in the town. He then called for full-time messengers to be appointed by the CDC.

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