Three youngsters who found a batch of war medals while playing at Carbrain Primary School in 1995
Three youngsters who found a batch of war medals while playing at Carbrain Primary School in 1995

A look through the back editions of the Cumbernauld News.


SHOCK figures revealed that Cumbernauld was the FOURTH worst area in the United Kingdom for youth unemployment. A Goverment survey revealed that nearly one in three jobless males was under 25. MP Norman Hogg said: “For them the recession never ended. It’s a scandal and a disgrace that we should be entering 1997 with this appalling situation.’’


SNOW-boUND Cumbernauld shivered as Artic conditions sparked road chaos, food shortages and school closures. Many motorists were forced to abandon their vehicles as after driving became too much of a gamble. Bread and milk ran out in local stores and pupils were told not to turn up for classes. Rail and bus services were cut as roads became no-go. Strathclyde Regional Council were forced to issue denials that they had been failing to clear the roads – and temperatures recorded at minus 11 CONTINUED to plunge!


FUN LOVING but responsible youngsters proved the council wrong when nearly 750 turned up to a Radio Clyde roadshow at The Tryst without causing any trouble. The council had initially been opposed to the event, arguing that the sportcentre did not have enough cloakrooms and wooden floors would be under strain from unruly teenagers. In the event, nothing was damaged and the council agreed that the radio station could hold a monthly disco at the venue if they wished to do so.


EMERGENCY measures were taken to rip out a potential fire hazard from more than 400 award-winning Abronhill homes. Contractors were working flat out in Almond Road, Oak Road and Elm Drive to yank out inflammable insulating material from gas heating units. Safety fears had been raised by residents themselves and a joint decision was taken by Cumbernauld Development Corporation, firefighters and Scottish Gas bosses to have the offending substance removed.

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