FOOTBALL STAR: The youngsters of Condorrat Boys' Club under 11s line up for the photographers in 1991.
FOOTBALL STAR: The youngsters of Condorrat Boys' Club under 11s line up for the photographers in 1991.

A look through the files of the Cumbernauld News

This week in 1997

SECONDARY children in the Village faced a perilous journey to school after council bosses removed their free transport to Cumbernauld High School. The 40 minute route via the Wilderness Brae involved steep paths and heavy forest and there were fears that youngsters could be attacked in out-of-the-way areas, especially after dark. Community council secretary said: “The route is full of danger spots and I cannot believe that North Lanarkshire is insisting that the children walk past it.

This week in 1987

A TALENTED artist from Cumbernauld devised the City of Glagow’s wedding gift to the Duke & Duchess of York. Art student Margaret-Anne Dobbie from Abronhill made a hand-embroidered pictorial representation of the city in textiles in her spare time after being commissioned by council bosses. The magnificent montage featured points of interest like the City Chambers, the Finnieston Crane and Glasgow School of Art - which Margaret-Anne attended! She said: “I wanted to try and convey Glasgow’s unique personality,” she attended.

This week in 1977

A GIANT litter of pups appeared in Seafar after boxer-cross Christy gave birth to 12 pups! That was double the amount that had been predicted and Christy’s owners, the Crosswaites of Skye Road, were stunned when the birthing process just didn’t seem to stop! The hunt was on to find good homes for all the pups and mum Irene said: “As soon as they are gone, Christy will be making a trip to the vets for a certain operation. I really don’t think I could go through that again!’

This week in 1972

AN ENVIRONMENTAL hazard was swiftly dealt with at the Red Burn. An oil spill was spied by the town’s public health department. Its source was a leak in an underground tank at a boiler in the John Lyle & Company Ltd carpet factory in Wardpark. The offending material stretched for about 300 yards around Dunnswood and staff at the factory hired a firm to deal with it. Burgh engineer Ronald Dalkin said: “We were concerned for fish and other aquatic life in the burn.’’​