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161211 Jackie Mitchell
161211 Jackie Mitchell

By Jackie Mitchell ...

I STARTED work here at the beginning of June, and one of the first things I did was take a few hours out of my day to familiarise myself with my new patch.

I’ll admit, having heard tales of built up Cumbernauld and the concrete city, I wasn’t expecting what I found – mile after mile of luscious greenery.

As I drove from Palacerigg Country Park down into Cumbernauld, and then out through Croy and into Colzium Lennox estate I was, quite frankly, blown away.

Why don’t we big up what’s on our own doorstep and give praise where it is due?

I’ll put my hands up, the media do have a reputation for focussing on the negative, and sometimes we do: however, that tends to be when we are being the voice of the people, fighting to let the underdog be heard.

But knowing the Beautiful Scotland judges were in town this week we invited our readers to tell us what they found beautiful about the local area. Their responses are genuine and proud.