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161211 Jackie Mitchell
161211 Jackie Mitchell

By Jackie Mitchell

I’VE been more or less carless for most of this week, and feel incredibly isolated.

My wheels are in for repairs and a service, and I have had to really think about how to get about.

My normal journey to and from work is not possible via public transport, unless I wanted to set aside two hours by bus, train and then hoofing it for what is a half hour commute; therefore I take the car.

With our office being closed for refurbishment I am currently working a little bit closer to home, but being without a car has still been a hassle.

Getting a lift to and from work has been the easiest solution, though this job can involve anti-social hours, and there’s only so long you can rely on people’s goodwill.

But it’s made me much more appreciative for what I normally take for granted and opened my eyes to just how inconvenient public transport can be if you don’t happen to live on a bus or train route.