From the editor’s chair

By Jackie Mitchell

I WAS reading this week of a man whose New Year’s resolution is to try 52 jobs in 2013, one for every week of the year.

Anyone can approach him with a job offer, and he will donate each week’s wages to the Prince’s Trust.

What an amazing opportunity. If I could, just for a week at a time, I would be so many things; archeologist, florist, potter, linguist, antique dealer, artist and Olympic athlete.

One thing I wouldn’t want to be is a North Lanarkshire councillor. I am not for one second disrespecting the hard work they do standing up for constituents each day, making their lives a little better. And I have no doubt at all they’ve gone into local politics to be active in their own community.

But as the D-Day looms for the £73 million budget cuts decisions – including the future of Abronhill High School – I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes one little bit, not even for just seven days.