Gig review

SECLUDED away in the woods in the centre of Cumbernauld is the small Kingfisher pub. Once a month it becomes an oasis for new, local musical talent when the Noizy Indie Social Club comes to town.

Three bands looking for some exposure are The Skinny Villains, Make This Relate and Strawberry Ocean Sea.

The Skinny Villains, who release a single on April 14, kicked off with an exquisite rendition of ‘My Rebecca’. ‘Young Love’ has a catchy hook and riff drawing in the audience. Highlight is a resounding performance of ‘Green Eyed Monster’.

With their bassist absent, next group, Make This Relate, were a three-piece for the night, kicking off with ‘This Conversation Is Missing Your Voice’ and ‘Watching Car’s Crashing’.The band only played a short set, finishing with ‘We’ll Always Be Famous for Our Biggest Failures’.

Headliners are next up and as soon as they hit that first note of the wonderful ‘Today’s the Day’ they had the crowd eating out of their hands.