Give your views on what town you want

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The regeneration of Cumbernauld town centre received a boost this week after North Lanarkshire Council confirmed they have produced a document containing draft plans for the next ten years.

The Draft Town Centre Framework and Action Plan for Cumbernauld sets out the priorities and principles to guide future change, as well as practical actions to be carried out by the council and its partners.

The plans development incorporates views taken from feedback received from residents, business surveys, community groups and a health check of the town centre.

Councillor Stephanie Muir, said: “Throughout the process of developing the Framework and Action Plan we have listened to the views of the people who use Cumbernauld town centre. It is important that these documents meet the needs of residents, shoppers and businesses so we need to know if the priorities, outcomes and actions planned reflect those needs. I hope people will take this opportunity to influence the future of Cumbernauld.

‘‘Town centres, like Cumbernauld, are facing increasing competition from out-of-town shopping centres, supermarkets and online sales so our challenge is to find a new, sustainable future for our town centres. To achieve this, we must work closely with the community, private owners in the town centre, public agencies and elected members and the Framework and Action Plan is the first stage of that work.”

Some of the messages that have come from the consultation to date include better facilities, attractions and activities within the town centre, particularly for families and young people; an improved environment, both inside the shopping areas and externally; a better range and quality of shops; and more appeal, attractiveness and atmosphere in the town centre.

To help address these issues, the Framework and Action Plans highlights priority areas for redesign and renewal - Central Way, the Tryst Walk and Esk Walk corridors - or to find an alternative use and diversification.

Local representatives and others with an interest in the town centre are now being asked for their views.

A formal public consultation process will follow early in 2014. Residents, community groups and businesses can also make comments on the draft documents now. They are available on the council’s web site at, with paper copies in Cumbernauld and Abronhill libraries, and the consultation runs until the end of October.