Glorious Glenmavis

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It sounds too good to be true, but actually it isn’t – a village environment that’s nevertheless within easy range of main urban centres, yet which has views that stretch all the way to Arran on a clear day.

This is an exceptional property (through Your Move, Cumbernauld, at offers over £259,995) on so many levels, from its delightful garden, beautifully maintained, to the super-perfect decor scheme designed to make moving in a straightforward an d even pleasant experience.

The village, close by, has been a feature of daily life for sellers Mr and Mrs Watt for 20 years, and they are genuinely sorry to be moving on.

But equally they are certain a new buyer will enjoy all of the attributes that have made their time there so special.

“I think one of the biggest selling points has to be the flexibility you get from the design of this property,” said Mrs Margaret Watt.

“The layout means you can decide exactly how you want to arrange the rooms to work for your particular requirements in the most convenient way possible.

“And of course we love the area, and its amazing views, and the sense of being in the country while still being close to everything you’d expect to find in a town.”

But at the same time the area is firmly within the Glasgow travel-to-work zone (and of course, not just Glasgow), so Glenmavis can also be used as a base from which to commute.

From the point of view of a young family that means there’s the local primary school just a few minutes’ walk away.

But the property could equally appeal to someone aiming to work from home – the mixture of a cogenial setting with easy access to main routes would be attractive – or to any number of other potential buyers.

It’s arguably most likely the new occupants will be a family, given there are four superb double bedrooms, and there’s no doubt this is a great area in which children can enjoy all the natural advantages of a beautiful corner of Lanarkshire.

On a strictly practical note there is plenty of room for multiple parking, and – as stated – plenty of room for maneouvre when it comes to deciding just how to use the excellent collection of rooms, both upstair and downstairs .

Add all of these major plus points together and what you have is a thoroughly beguiling proposition which is pitched at an opening offers price designed to attract attention from a wide variety of viewers.

The property is firmly in the category of one which deserves to be seen, and if you’ve never visited Glenmavis the sale is as good a reason as any to make the trip soon and see just what you’ve been missing.

Highly recommended.