Gregg praises tax workers

CUMBERNAULD’S MP Gregg McClymont has again spoken in the House of Commons on behalf of local tax office staff.

In a 20-minute debate, Gregg praised the workers in Cumbernauld’s HMRC centre, and further described how morale had been hit by the lack of a clear announcement on how public sector cuts would affect them.

Gregg said afterwards: “I was pleased to have the opportunity to speak up for the professionalism and hard work of tax officers in the Cumbernauld tax office. They do a difficult job very well. But the long delay between the announcement of cuts and the confirmation of where they will fall is having a bad effect on staff morale.

“The Tory-led government are making the wrong choice. They are cutting the organization that collects taxes at a time when we need to improve it.”

HMRC staff rep Moira Wilson added: “We’re pleased that Gregg continues to pursue the issue of HMRC cuts. The uncertainty is proving damaging to staff morale.”