Group aims to get shoppers back

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The future of Kilsyth town centre looks bright thanks to a group who have formed to work on how best to promote the ailing shopping area.

Kilsyth Town Centre Network Group was set up around a month ago.

The group is made up of traders and local residents who have come together with Town Centre Activities to talk about ways of promoting Kilsyth’s Main Street and getting shoppers back into the town centre.

Bill Craik spoke about the group at a meeting of Kilsyth Community Council on Wednesday, November 20.

He said that Town Centre Activities is working with all North Lanarkshire towns to come up with a slogan to appeal to potential shoppers.

The group plan to use this slogan in a leaflet which if produced could be distributed around Kilsyth and beyond.

The leaflet would feature the types of shops in the town centre and highlight to people why they should shop in Kilsyth.

It is hoped the leaflet would remind exisiting Kilsythians what they are missing out on by not shopping in the town centre while attracting shoppers from locations further afield such as Banknock.

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