Hair today, gone tomorrow

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ABRONHILL mum Yvonne Hunter had her head shaved to support a charity which helps autistic children.

Yvonne said: “My son, Kieran, has autism and has participated in groups run by Hope, so I wanted to do something to help them in return. I’m not much of a runner so I had the idea of getting my head shaved.”

Yvonne started collecting sponsor money in February (long before Jessie J famously adopted the skinhead look on Comic Relief) and by the time of her ‘shearing’ at the Hope centre in Coatbridge last week she had collected over £400.

The deed was carried out by professional hairdresser Lorna Speirs, who gave Yvonne the radical makeover on her 37th birthday.

“It wasn’t too bad though I’m a bit annoyed it’s been snowing afterwards,” said Yvonne. “but that’s what hats are for! I was also a little worried about what shape my head would turn out to be as I’d never really seen it before. But having a shaven head is a great time saver in and after a shower. I won’t be keeping this look though!

“I’m pleased to have raised so much in just a couple of months and would like to thank everyone who donated money, as well as Hope for letting me use their offices and Lorna for taking a day off to shave my head.”

Hope administrator Kathleen Williamson said: “Yvonne is an inspirational and very brave woman. We are very proud of her and thankful for her support.”