Happy ending for rare wee lamb in wool life drama

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Rare sheep experts at a farm on the outskirts of Cumbernauld will probably never get to find out how a new-born Soay Breed lamb came to be wandering in a garden in Milton – where he was rescued by the SSPCA.

But Jane Anderson at Arns Farm is just glad they’ve been able to help by uniting Shamus, as he’s been called, with grown-ups of his own kind.

The SSPCA realised right away they had a “special” lamb on their hands and got in touch with Arns Rare Breeds Sheep Farm to see if it could help.

Jane said: “We breed the three rarest breeds of sheep in the UK, so we like to think the wee chap is coming to a good home and will live out his days here.

“He is fitting in well and is quite a character.”

The Soay Breed is from the Island of Soay in the St Kilda archipelago, about 65 miles off the Western Isles.

It is “at risk” on the rare breed Survival Trust Watchlist - but there is no way of saying where Shamus was born.