He’s the best Barr none 
for charity

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Those of you partial to a glass or two of Irn Bru, might have come across Cumbernauld’s very own ginger bottle collector.

For pensioner Jimmy Rexter has become a familiar face in the town asking people for their ‘empties’.

The 80-year-old has travelled across the area picking up empty bottles of Barr’s range of fizzy juices before trading them in for recycling, and in return he receives cash which he then donates to charity.

The former fireman, from North Carbrain, reckons he has collected around two million bottles since starting his fundraising venture 30 years ago with around 150 charities benefitting from the fruits of his labour.

“Jimmy’s my name and collecting bottles is my game,” he jokes.

“When I retired from the fire brigade, I always felt the communities gave me a living so I should give something back to them.

“When you retire, each morning you get up you should always put your shoes on not your slippers.”

Jimmy, who was a fireman in Glasgow’s Springburn area for 24 years, has put a smile on many faces over the years with his charitable donations and upbeat personality.

Yorkhill Children’s Hospital’s Medicinema is one of the benefactors from his work as they received £3,480 towards their facility which allows the young patients to watch movies.

While the town’s Sanctuary Housing, who give Jimmy a safe space to store the bottles free of charge, recognise the hard work done by this local man.

Campbell Kinloch, Sanctuary’s head of housing and communities, said: “Mr Rexter does a lot of good for the community and we are happy to continue to support his charitable work.”

Jimmy is one of many local people known to put a smile on your face. If you know someone like him, why not nominate them for the 2013 Smile Awards, and if you have any spare glass bottles, contact 01236 723152 to arrange for an uplift from Jimmy.