Health board invests more in nurses

More nurses are to be employed by NHS Lanarkshire thanks to an investment of £1.07 million.

The health board are employing the nurses to care for patients in the medical receiving units, and accident and emergency departments across Hairmyres, Monklands and Wishaw General hospitals.

The decision, which was taken at the board meeting of NHS Lanarkshire on Wednesday, November 27, follows a review which shows an increase in winter emergency admissions in the over 85 age group.

Rosemary Lyness, director of nursing, midwifery and allied health professionals, said: “Patients who are admitted to hospital believe that they are entering a place of safety and have the right to receive the best possible care there. 85 per cent of all patients admitted to Lanarkshire hospitals are seen, treated, discharged or transferred from the emergency medicine and accident and emergency departments. “Patients are particularly vulnerable following an emergency admission to hospital and it is important that if their condition deteriorates, they are in the best place for prompt and effective treatment.

“By making this investment in emergency care we can ensure that staff in emergency care can provide the best possible care to their patients and that they have the time to communicate and listen to their patients concerns and provide care and compassion in a less pressured environment.”