Boy who won’t lie down in battle against disease

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Cumbernauld teenager Reece Newlands was spellbound when he met his TV idol Dynamo last week.

The 14-year-old, who suffers from Crohn’s disease, was treated to a magic masterclass from the world-famous illusionist - who also battled the chronic condition as a teenager.

Dynamo also gave his backing to Cure Crohn’s Colitis (C3) - the Glasgow-based charity supported by Reece and his family to help find better treatment and a cure.

He said: “What an amazing charity - such a great cause.

“Having Crohn’s myself puts things into perspective a bit, so I can empathise with what Reece is going through.

“Unless you have it, it’s hard to understand it.”

Dynamo spent long stretches in hospital with the debilitating digestive disorder from the age of 13, but it didn’t stop him developing an illustrious career as possibly the most famous magician on TV,

Reece, of Greenfaulds, said: “I’ll never forget meeting Dynamo. He started showing me some of his card tricks. He’s incredible. I just think ‘how does he do that?’”

Mum Margaret,dad David and little sister Chloe, 9, accompanied Reece on his big trip to London, organised by children’s charity Rays of Sunshine.

It grants wishes for children with serious and life-limiting illnesses and has Dynamo as an ambassador.

Margaret said: “Dynamo was fabulous.

“We arrived at the restaurant which was closed to the public and he came out carrying a tray of drinks and said hi.

“He did a lot of amazing card tricks and he is such a down-to-earth, lovely guy.

“He talked to Reece about Crohn’s and really encouraged him, telling he would get through it. Reece really likes him.”

To donate to the charity C3, visit