Charity makes a critical difference

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A Cumbernauld girl and her mum say they’re eternally grateful to the charity which helped them when they had nowhere left to turn.

Eight-year-old Catriona Connor has both epilepsy and schizencephaly, a brain abnormality which causes delayed development.

She experiences up to 50 seizures a day, and is fully dependent on others for all her care needs.

This inevitably has a major effect on her ability to lead a normal active live, because she is often tired and can become emotional and distressed.

But her mood changes dramatically at her weekly hydrotherapy sessions, where sensory lights in the pool both motivate and relax her.

Pamela longed to find a system that could replicate this transformational efrfect at home, but as sole carer for Catriona soon realised that the high cost of purchasing the bath and sensory lighting system was far beyond her already stretched finances.

Then her occupational therapist suggested she should apply to React, a children’s charity which provides children with potentially life-shortening illnesses with essential equipment that isn’t available from any other source.

And the charity was happy to help when it heard what a difference the equipment would make to Catriona’s well-being.

“It was absolutely amazing,” said Pamela. “We were at the hospital, came home and found the letter saying React would help.

“There were huge smiles all round and we are very grateful. The bath has now been fitted, it is so lovely.”

The charity provides assistance to children like Catriona in a wide range of ways, and there’s more on how it operates on its website at