Couple’s slum flat ‘nightmare’

Mrs Jeanette Thomson
Mrs Jeanette Thomson

A Cumbernauld couple who claim they are trapped in a damp-ridden Seafar tower block flat say they are “desperate” for help.

Mrs Jeanette Thomson, whose husband Craig has cancer, says life in the ground floor flat has been “a nightmare” because of problems including wet rot, damp and a collapsed ceiling.

She says repeated appeals to owner and landlord Liquiat Ali have drawn a blank – a claim he has declined to discuss – and that the stress of coping with the deteriorating flat has damaged her health.

“We moved here when Craig lost his job at the MOD, and while it was never good things continue to get worse,” said Mrs Thomson, who is asthmatic.

“I can’t understand how such a property in such a terrible state can be charged at £415 per week.”

She added: “The last straw was when the whole of our kitchen cabinet collapsed on to Craig.

“The way we are being forced to live is intolerable – we’re at the end of our tether. Even the door entry hasn’t worked since we moved in.”

We ‘phoned Mr Ali and asked him how he could justify renting out a property in such a shocking state of repair.

However he refused to comment.

A letting agent he is said to have aimed to appoint for the flat appeared unaware of the extent of the damage and decay when we spoke to her.

MSP Jamie Hepburn is aware of the case and says he will offer what assistance he can.

Meanwhile the couple are now on the council’s waiting list, in hopes of eventually getting a move.

A council spokesperson said: “One of our environmental health officers has been investigating concerns raised by the tenants regarding the condition of their privately rented property.

“We have contacted the landlord and agent in respect of these matters.

“All privately let properties require to meet with the repairing standard under the Housing (Scotland) Act 2006 at all times during the tenancy.

“Disrepair issues relating to the repairing standard are enforced by the Private Rented Housing Panel (PRHP).

“We have previously advised the tenants to contact the PRHP to raise their concerns regarding their landlord’s upkeep of the property as the council cannot do this on their behalf. ”