Food bank team to be at Asda


Cumbernauld’s House of Bread food bank volunteers will be asking local shoppers at Asda to give them a food donation next month.

They will be at the doors of Cumbernauld Asda on Friday, September 12 and Saturday, September 13, from 10am till late afternoon – during which time they’ll be handing out leaflets explaining how the food bank operates and how much it relies on local residents’ goodwill.

Organiser Norma Cowan said: “We are getting superb help from local churches, but we want to get the word out to everyone that you don’t have to give a lot for it to make a difference.

“In fact if everyone doing a weekend shop gave us one tin, and not an expensive one, we’d have plenty.

“But besides possibly giving us something at Asda we just want to tell people how much the food bank is used, and how much it means to the people who use it.

“So please say ‘hello’ to our volunteers if you are in Asda on those days – they’ll explain exactly what we do.”