Gas alert on summertime festival tents

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Cumbernauld and Kilsyth music fans aiming to camp out at major summers events like T in the Park are being warned about the lethal risk posed by gas stoves.

Even without the extra risk posed by accidents caused by people being drunk many campers areliterally risking their lives.

A survey by the Gas Safety Trust has found that half the people who had been to an outdoors music festival in the past six months said they would use a barbecue inside their tent.

It also found a majority thought it safe to do the same thing with a gas cooker – and almost as many were prepared to use a cooking appliance to heat the tent.

Meanwhile most campers fail to take a carbon monoxide alarm with them – ignoring the risk from CO, a highly dangerous toxic gas with no taste or smell.

Gas Safety Trust chairman Chris Bielby said: “ Over recent years we have seen an emerging trend of injury and fatalities from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by barbecues and camping equipment. “

He urges anyone going camping to take an audible carbon monoxide alarm with them and to make sure they cook in an open well ventilated area.

Chris Bielby said: “Even a cold to the touch barbecue can be a source of carbon monoxide and should be kept out of your tent or caravan.

“Being carbon monoxide aware will keep you safe from the silent killer”.