Missing out on extra support

Independent care homes are under threat, says sector chief
Independent care homes are under threat, says sector chief

Age Scotland and Cumbernauld Action for Care of the Elderly are hosting a series of events to raise awareness of rights and opportunities for older veterans.

Following successful workshops at Hillcrest Court and Dunnswood House, the charities are planning four more events in February and March aimed at older people with a disability or long-term health condition, or who are socially isolated.

Participants enjoyed using quizzes and games to learn about help available to all older people, as well as additional entitlements for older veterans.

Age Scotland says many veterans are not aware of the extra support available for them and their families

Doug Anthoney, of the Age Scotland Veterans’ Project, said: “Many older people in Cumbernauld are missing out because they don’t consider themselves veterans.

“It doesn’t matter whether you were a regular or a reserve, whether you did national service or had a long career in the military, or whether you saw combat or not – all belong to the veterans’ community, as do their families.

“Our first workshops were very well-received and we’re pleased by the positive feedback. At one of them two-thirds of participants identified as veterans and we hope they will take advantage of the support that’s available for them and their families.”

The upcoming events are at Dunswood House on February 14 and 26, Link Sheltered Housing Complex on February 28, and Cumbernauld Village Community Hall on March 2.

For more information contact CACE on 01236 451 393.

Age Scotland is encouraging older veterans to contact the Age Scotland Helpline on 0800 12 44 222, which can offers specialist advice and connect them with social and support opportunities.