NHS man says out-of-town GP scheme is best

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NHS Lanarkshire is doggedly sticking to its hugely unpopular bid to move Cumbernauld’s out-of-hours GP service to Airdrie or Hamilton.

In a communique reminding local people they still have time to contribute to the consultation on the scheme – which has attracted opposition across the board and sparked a major petition – Dr Chris Mackintosh, associate medical director, said: “Our key aim is to provide a safe out-of-hours service for the people of Lanarkshire, and the existing service model provides significant barriers to this.

“Both Airdrie Community Health Centre and Douglas Street Community Health Clinic offer the right kind of accommodation to allow us to provide high quality GP consultations.

“Staff would be able to work together as a team ensuring a more flexible and safer way of working.”

But this scheme was comprehensively rejected by the hundreds of local people who attented a major NHS-organised public meeting in Cumbernauld.

Local MP Gregg McClymont said it was “absurd” that a town the size of Cumbernauld would not have its own dedicated service if the NHS plan were accepted.