Testing times for local MSP

Jamie Hepburn
Jamie Hepburn

MSP Jamie Hepburn participated in blood pressure testing at the Scottish Parliament as part of Stroke Association’s Know Your Blood Pressure Awareness Campaign, which coincides with World Stroke Day on October 29.

Mr Hepburn attended the blood pressure testing to learn about Stroke Association’s efforts to raise awareness about the relationship between blood pressure and stroke. According to Stroke Association, around 40 per cent of all strokes could be prevented if people with high blood pressure were identified and treated. Studies show that around four fifths of men and two thirds of women with high blood pressure are not being treated.

He said: “150,000 people have a stroke every single year in the UK. The Stroke Association believes that this can be prevented by properly identifying and treating high blood pressure. I am happy to report a healthy 131/83 blood pressure reading. It is important, however, for all adults to continue to have their blood pressure checked regularly. Detecting high blood pressure is hugely important in preventing a stroke. Medication and lifestyle changes can help to lower blood pressure, and even small reductions in blood pressure can significantly reduce risk of stroke.

‘‘Given that high blood pressure often shows no symptoms, I would strongly encourage all adults to have their blood pressure taken regularly. It was a simple, quick and painless process that could help save lives.”