Tryst steam room hygiene row

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North Lanarkshire Leisure has been accused of doing too little to control the behaviour of people using local steam rooms.

Kilsyth man Dave Gardner (65) contacted the News and Chronicle to say he was disatisfied with the response leisure bosses had shown to a complaint he made in August about people shaving in the steam room at the Tryst.

Mr Gardner, who claims he was verbally abused by the man who was shaving, says he reported this to the duty manager and was informed a sign would be erected, similar to the signage already installed in Kilsyth Leisure Suite.

He added: “Several weeks later I returned to the swim and steam at Cumbernauld Tryst, having been absent for a few weeks due to a sinus operation I was having. I was dismayed to see that there was still no sign in place and raised the issue again.”

On September 21 Dave made a formal written complaint to the management. He has also asked his family to boycott the facility until this is sorted out.

Dave later added that he believed the solution was to staff the suite permanently.

A spokesman for North Lanarkshire Leisure said: “Shaving is strictly forbidden in all our health suites and we will take immediate action against people breaking this rule.

“Clear signage is displayed explaining proper etiquette in all our health suites.

“Cleanliness is our top priority and we want all users to enjoy visiting our facilities. Any concerns should be raised with a member of our staff.”