Hopes high Kilsyth flytip site can be cleared up

AFTER 10 months of waiting, residents of Kirklands Crescent finally received some good news recently.

The land behind their homes, which is privately owned, has been used as a dumpsite by fly-tippers for the best part of a year, with mattresses, fridges and even a GREENHOUSE discarded there.

North Lanarkshire Council have been pursuing the landowner, who lives in Northern Ireland, for some time, but have had no success.

However, the local authority has now confirmed to Kilsyth Community Council that they will pay for a skip and protective clothing, if the community are willing to band together and clear the site themselves.

Scott Johnson, the chairman of Kilsyth Community Council, told members at their most recent meeting: “We have the offer of a skip from Catherine Di Nardo.

“She’s going to provide picks, gloves, bibs, all that kind of stuff.”

He added: “What we now need to do is get a team together and get the problem half dealt with, then, when something arrives, we need to see what fence it comes over or who brings it and try to get a bit of community spirit going.”