How to net a result

THESe dynamic youngsters want to replace outmoded computer equipment at their school – and have launched a novel fundraising effort to reach their goal.

Saturday, 17th November 2012, 5:00 pm

The group of St Andrew’s Primary School pupils have been harnessing the wonders of the world wide web to do so, and other local schools, clubs and churches might want to take a leaf out their book.

For the net result is a real ‘no brainer’ way to raise cash in these cash-strapped times.

The pupils have encouraged parents to sign up to a website free called easyfunding which acts along the same lines as Gift Aid – as a donation to charity is made every time a purchase is made from a website.

Amazon is just one retailer which is participating but many more have also agreed to accommodate this increasingly popular scheme.

The business-savvy pupils set themselves a target of 100 people to participate and have achieved half that target so far.

Now they have a new target in their sights for a keynote date, according to the school’s head teacher, Eileen Mulrooney.

She said: ”The fundraising team are organising more events to encourage sign-ups in the run-up to Christmas, especially for Mega Monday – November 26 – when shoppers traditionally spend the most money shopping on-line.’’

So far, these events have involved fancy dress fun via ‘Bling Day’ and Sign Up Friday where the word has been very zealously spread by the young fundraisers.

Mrs Mulrooney insists that the project isn’t simply about cash but is teaching the youngsters valuable lessons which are more tied to their schoolwork and wider life skills.

She said: “They’re also learning about marketing and financial education through participation in this project.

“They are hoping to have each registered member to recommend a friend, thus doubling the total,” she added.

“They also wish to encourage a ‘Find & Remind’ device to be sent to the people already signed up as the school gets an extra donation for this.

“This will keep parents informed of their progress and let them know what all the money will be used for at the end of the year,” added Mrs Mulrooney.