Ice hurled at car from footbridge

ANOTHER thug has joined the ranks of mindless yobs who have targeted moving vehicles from above in a sick copycat craze which could well cause death on the road.

Last week we told of young mum Christine Shiels whose car was targed by teens who lay in wait over a footbridge at Lye Brae.

They had dropped a sledload of snow over a bridge, smashing her windscreen in the process. Thankfully Christine and her passenger were unhurt.

Last Friday a 26-year-old man faced a similar ordeal while driving on the eastbound A8011 near Central Way at 8.20pm when a dark-clad teen threw a block of ice from the overhead bridge. He hit his target but fortunately the driver was unhurt.

Sergeant Alan Coote said this week: “This is a particularly dangerous incident.

“In some instances this type of act can seriously injure or even kill, and I would urge anyone with information about it to come foward.”

He added: “The perpetrator, when caught, will be severely dealt with by the courts.”

Anyone with further information is asked to contact Cumbernauld Police on 503900.