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161211 Jackie Mitchell
161211 Jackie Mitchell

By editor Jackie Mitchell

CREDIT where it’s due – campaigning locals who have fought to highlight what’s great about their town, and are trying to make a positive difference, have saved us from another plook on the plinth award.

We reveal on page five this week that Cumbernauld is no longer in the running for the Carbuncle Award, given to a town seen as a blot on the landscape. The reason it’s dropped out of the running is the valiant efforts by local politicians and campaigners to work together to find a positive future.

Such plans are a long way off being realised, but fair play to everyone involved for trying. And quite rightly we’ve been dropped off the list. Yes, we’ve not got the prettiest shopping centre in the world, but the town is not just the bricks and mortar of its centre. It’s the friendly people, the vibrant community, the rolling landscapes surrounding the area and the handy commuter access it offers to all.