Irn-Bru tax plans attacked by local politicians

Irn Bru Can Pic Neil Hanna
Irn Bru Can Pic Neil Hanna

REPORTS that a tax could be levied on one of Cumbernauld’s most popular exports have left local politicians fizzing – as the product in question is Irn-Bru.

This and other sugary carbonated drinks could be taxed under new Scottish Goverment guidelines, according to reports in the national press which suggest this is being considered as a possible way to tackle obesity.

This could see a potential 6p increase in a can and a 10p hike on a small bottle. The product is made in Westfield and exported across the globe.

Mr McClymont said: “I’m concerned about the impact of such an extra tax on Irn-Bru which is one of Cumbernauld’s biggest employers. I’m calling on the SNP Government in Edinburgh to rule out this tax.

“I’m surprised that at a time when jobs are scarce the SNP would consider undermining one of Cumbernauld and indeed Scotland’s most iconic brands,” he added.

A spokesperson for Irn-Bru said: “The British Soft Drinks Association is clear in suggesting that a specific tax on any soft drink is not the answer to tackling obesity, and that all foods and drinks can have a place in a balanced diet and active lifestyle.”

Cumbernauld and Kilsyth’s representative in the Scottish Parliament, Jamie Hepburn of the SNP, also spoke out against the tax. He said: “Any tax of this nature, on products that in of themselves are not damaging to a persons health, could have a negative impact on what is an important sector of the local economy and might harm local employment, without achieving any positive impact on Scotland’s health. Those proponents of the idea should think long and hard about the likely consequences.”