Is Condorrat Cumbernauld’s phone mast capital?

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Irate Condorrat residents have seen red at a giant Vodaphone mast which materialised without any warning

near homes and schools.

Protesters claim that the new addition at Condorrat Ring Road brings the total of masts in the village 
up to five.

Both Condorrat Community Council and the Condorrat Tenants and Residents’ Association believe 
that’s excessive.

Spokesman John Burke said “There were no chance for the public to view 
plans for this.

“All but one of the five masts in Condorrat are within a 150 metre stretch and are near all the primary schools.

“One mast is situated at the side of a sports pavilion that’s still in use.

“What we want in Condorrat are the sort of amenities that other areas 
have, not masts.”

His colleague Kate McLean said: “People are wanting to know why there are so many masts here. They obviously feel the people of Condorrat will just accept it.”

A spokesperson for North Lanarkshire Council would not be drawn on a perceived lack of amenities in Condorrat, but added: “This is a replacement of an existing mast and didn’t require a planning application as it is termed as a 
permitted development.’’

A Vodaphone spokesperson said: “We identified the need to upgrade the existing equipment at this location to increase coverage for local customers and feel that the equipment will blend into street furniture and mature trees here.

“All these masts operate within genuine safety limits and below these guidelines there is no evidence of adverse health effects.”