Is our chocolate getting smaller?

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Have you ever felt like that chocolate bar you loved as a child seems smaller? Perhaps this question has caused discussion and speculation between friends and family.

Some say you were smaller as a child, the chocolate treat simply seemed bigger. Others are utterly convinced that their favourite chocolate treats have in fact shrunk.

UK appliance retailer, Appliance City, polled 1000 people and found out that 79.8 per cent of respondents in the UK think chocolate is getting smaller, whereas only 48.3 per cent of US respondents thought the same, with many more US respondents believing it has stayed the same or even got bigger. So what is the truth behind the question? The results are interesting…

Biscuit tin favourite, Wagon Wheels, have shrunk by 12 per cent since 2006.

Yorkies are now considerably smaller having shrunk by 20 per cent since 1976.

KitKats on the other hand, have grown. Since 1960, it has grown by 29 per cent by 2015.

The classic Mars Bar has seen a slight growth also. The chocolate bar has increased by 4 per cent in the last three decades.

Snickers, or Marathon as it used to be called, has increased by 7 per cent since 1980.

Twix has seen a big decrease in size. It has slowly got smaller since 1986 by 17 per cent.

Double Deckers have grown by 30 per cent since 1970 –the biggest increase in the poll.

Easter favourite, the Creme Egg has grown slightly by 3 per cent since 1970.