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Queenzieburn’s Wee Jimmy Krankie and star of Cinderella at the SECC

1. When you look back at a long time in showbiz, what is the high point for you?

The first Royal Variety Performance we were part of. This was a real turning point and saw us move up from being an act working clubs to being recognised more widely.

2. Apart from hubby Ian who is your favourite co-star and why?

I did Dinner Ladies with Julie Walters. I was completely star struck!

3. What advice would you have for a young person who wants to go into showbiz?

I came into show business by accident. I was working in an office and one of the salesmen in the office had a wife in show business and asked me one day when I was doing the filing whether I’d ever thought of going into show business. He took me to the Gaiety Theatre in Ayr for an audition and I haven’t looked back since! So, take opportunities and work hard.

4. You spend part of the year in Australia. Describe your life there.

We used to work a lot there we bought an apartment on the Gold Cost. Now we just go for a long holiday. We like the beach and play golf. We have a different circle of friends there over the last 13 years, no show business people They always say to us “Welcome Home” when we go back.

5. And what do you miss most about Scotland when you are away?

We love the humour, and I love the Glasgow shops! We like doing comedy in our own dialect, the humour flows much better.

6. Describe the feeling you get when you stand up in front of an audience.

The first couple of shows are quite nerve-racking, and then you settle in and have fun. Everything starts to really come alive.

7. Why do you think your act has endured?

The grannies remember us from when they had children, and their children remember us too! Children today won’t know us from television, but we still make them laugh.

8. Tell us the someone living or dead you would most like to meet and why.

We were such good friends with the late Max Bygraves, and would love to get to spend more time with him.

9. What is your most enduring memory of growing up in Queenzieburn?

The friendliness of the neighbours. I lived in Mill Road. It had a little stream outside where we’d play. A girl I used to live next to still lives in the road, and she comes to see the show – see you at Cinderella Margaret!

10. You’ve got a special message for Queenzieburn’s people -what is it?

Welcome to the show - and bring me shortbread!