Jennifer has a winning design

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A HIGHLAND cow sculpture which pays tribute to Cumbernauld’s drover history will have a pride of place in the town’s community park.

‘The Total Beast’ sculpture was created by Cumbernauld College student Jennifer Cooper as part of an on-going project between the college and Friends of Cumbernauld Community Park.

It is hoped a series of public art pieces will be created through the project and placed along the former Roman road path which runs inside the park.

Jennifer (18), who has just finished an NC Art and Design Portfolio course at the college, sculpture was chosen by Friends of Cumbernauld Community Park out of 16 designs submitted by students.

Barney Kinsler, chairman of Friends of Cumbernauld Community Park, said: “Jennifer’s sculpture is perfect for the park, it is made up of four blocks, which together create the Highland Cow and we feel its design is one which both kids and adults will be able to enjoy and interact with.

“We plan to work with the students to create a few more sculpture designs before commissioning full-scale replicas.

“The park has a fascinating history, Robert the Bruce’s troops marched through the park and Mary Queen of Scots went on walks along its paths and we hope that projects like this will bring the park’s past to life.”

Jennifer’s design will be 6ft tall once completed and will appear alongside last year’s winning sculpture which was designed by Charlotte Hamilton. Charlotte’s piece features a steel Roman column with a ‘Green Man Face’, which represents the nature of the park.

Jennifer said: “I am delighted that my design is to be made into a sculpture for the park, it’s a great opportunity and not one many artists get so early in their career.”

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