Join us in helping tackle youth job fears, says NLC

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BUSINESSES are being urged to work with North Lanarkshire Council to help drive down the number of young people unemplyed in the area.

Councillor Harry Curran issued the plea after being appointed the local authority’s Youth Employment Ambassador.

The councillor will spearhead the council’s effort to address youth unemployment, working closely with services and partners involved with the North Lanarkshire’s Working project.

He said: “We are working hard to develop a variety of programmes including modern apprenticeships. We are determined to get young people into work. But we cannot do it alone.

“North Lanarkshire Council has a strong track record of developing innovative and meaningful training for our young people and we have forged close partnerships with many local businesses.

“However, in this tough economic climate we need to get the message across to the many businesses out there who are unaware of the help and support we can offer through North Lanarkshire’s Working.”

Councillor Curran was speaking at a special ceremony in the Civic Theatre, Motherwell to welcome 20 new apprentices who have joined the council’s partner housing maintenance company Morrison Scotland, which was recently reported in the News and Chonicle.

Councillor Curran said to the young apprentices: “I have been involved in youth work for many, many years and I know that like you the majority of young people are highly motivated, want to work and are determined to develop a career.

“I will do all I can to promote the benefits of work to young people and seek support from more employers to create opportunities for them.

His view was reinforced by chief executive Gavin Whitefield who said: “As a council we will do everything we possibly can to reduce unemployment among the 16-24 age group.

“North Lanarkshire Council is committed to its £15million Youth Investment Programme which has the ambitious target of supporting 5000 young people into work.”

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