Just the job for Bob

Cousti trio with Bob Harris.
Cousti trio with Bob Harris.

LOCAL band Cousti have released their first album, a dream come true for frontman Peter Lamb.

Peter, a 60-year-old singer/songwriter and grandfather of 12, has for 40 years held an ambition to release an album.

On Monday that became a reality as Strings To Tracks hit the streets.

The album features a song about legendary DJ ‘‘Whispering’’ Bob Harris, and a demo was sent to him around the time he was diagnosed with throat cancer. Bob wrote back to the band saying that the demo boosted his spirits and a friendship was born which saw the man even featuring in the video.

Another heavyweight fan of the group is Alan McGee, founder of indie label Creation Records and discoverer of Oasis, who is pals with Peter’s son Peter Jr.

McGee said: “Cousti’s songs are tremendous. It seems a bit odd that the best band in Scotland is a bunch of guys about 60 years old but that’s what they are to me.”