Justice and Peace pilgrimage to Kilsyth

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Marchers campaigning over a number of key issues passed through Kilsyth as part of a peaceful procession.

The UK 2013 Pilgrimage for Peace and Economic Justice passed through the town on Thursday.

It was organised by a coalition of ecumenical faith bodies and anti-nuclear campaigning groups.

They are calling for an end to the replacement of the Trident nuclear weapons system and for the UK Government to spend the savings on protecting vital services such as the NHS.

Kilsyth councillor Alan Stevenson said: “I fully endorse the aims of this march and believe that we should all strive for a non-nuclear more equitable future for all. The pilgrimage has adopted the model of the Olympic Torch Relay to carry this message from community to community from Iona to London. The aim is to focus attention on the UK Government’s spending priorities, in particular the billions proposed for the renewal of the Trident weapons system.

“Any activity such as this which raises public awareness of  and focuses attention on the real social issues facing the country is to be welcomed.”