Kelvin Valley New Vision results online

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The results of a consultation which asked the public to suggest improvements to a popular tourist site can now be viewed online.

The Friends of Kelvin Valley Park launched its ‘New Vision’ consultation back in January and is delighted with the response from the public.

The group hope more improvements can be made to the park after the re-opening of the Forth and Clyde Canal 10 years ago brought over £12 million of investment.

This money went towards the marina in Auchinstarry, new woodlands and paths, the World Heritage Site status for the Antonine Wall and other community improvements.

Paul Carter, secretary of the Friends of Kelvin Valley Park, said: “We are delighted with the response to our ‘New Vision for the Kelvin Valley Park’ issued earlier this year.

“Twenty-six proposals for action were made to our ‘New Vision,’ all intended to keep up the momentum of improvements in the Kelvin Valley.”

He added: “Since issuing the ‘New Vision’ we have addressed meetings, held information stalls and circulated questionnaires.

The public response has been very enthusiastic and we have had over 150 written responses, all very positive for further improvements to the valley.”

More than 160 suggestions of improvements on areas such as the path network were made by members of the public.

The Friends of Kelvin Valley have summarised these in a response report which will be distributed to councils, agencies and community organisations.

The full report can be viewed by visiting

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