Key meeting to take place next week

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Locals are being reminded that Cumbernauld’s biggest community organisations will stage its annual general meeting on Tuesday, September 10.

Cumbernauld Community Forum which acts as an umbrella group for more than 20 local bodies will meet at New Town Hall at 7pm.

This will feature a presentation from Cumbernauld’s biggest landlord Sanctuary Housing and a representative of the See Me campaign.

Members of the forum have championed the mental health awareness organisation and have signed the pledge which helps them to provide support for anyone in their midst who is experiencing mental health issues.

The campaign’s next step is to have local businesses sign the pledge too and this will be fully explained by the representative on the evening.

Forum chairman Billy Lees said that the group had a duty to be involved. He said: “It was a pleasure to sign up to to the ‘See Me’ campaign. The two most common mental health issues reported by doctors are depression and anxiety.

“We have to get the anti-stigma campaign out there for everyone in our community to speak out about mental health and not hide away from it.’’

On a lighter note, the evening will also play host to three very special guests from Abronhill High School who acted as ambassadors for the town on the highlight of its social calendar.

Cumbernauld Gala Queen Amy O’Neill and princesses Megan Nicoll and Louise Stewart Wilson will attend the event and the regal trio will receive a special presentation from members.