Kilsyth Civic Week a splash hit with locals

Kilsyth swimming gala.
Kilsyth swimming gala.

KILSYTH Civic Week produced a whole host of fun for the town’s residents during its seven-day run.

With events ranging from football and badminton competitions to the ever-popular talent show and a cultural festival, there was something to suit all tastes.

Organisers were thrilled with the way this year’s civic festival went and are already looking towards next year.

Committee member Jean Jones said: “Everything was really well attended and we were really pleased with how things went. It was a very successful week.

“Some events like the talent show weren’t quite as well attended as they have been in the past, but that was down from 300 people to about 250 so it wasn’t exactly poorly attended.

“The likes of the cultural day was fantastic with the Chinese Dragon. We try to make sure the Saturday relates to the theme and I think everyone really enjoyed it.

“We’ll start looking to plan for next year now and I would be really happy to hear from anyone with any ideas for a theme.”

Results from the various competitions throughout the week were as follows:

New Faces talent show winners: Ten and under – Alex, who sang and danced to Superstar. Eleven and over – Jenna and Kasia who danced under the name of Shake It. Overall winner – Hannah McFarlane, who sang Somewhere over the Rainbow.

There were 18 acts on the night and the judges found their decision extremely difficult.

Art winners: Primary 1 – 1, Ewan Black, Kilsyth PS; 2, Tianne Nguyen, Kilsyth PS; 3, Chloe Ross, Kilsyth PS. Primary 2 – 1, Eva Cairns, Holy Cross; 2, Justin Morgan, Holy Cross; 3, Sean Mooney, Balmalloch PS. Primary 3 - 1, Ellie Forrest, Holy Cross; 2, Jessica McLaren, Holy Cross; 3, Arianna Brown, Balmalloch PS. Primary 4 - 1, Brooke Coyle, Holy Cross; 2, Liam Casey, Holy Cross; 3, Ewan Gordon, Kilsyth PS. Primary 5 - 1, Finlay Sword, Balmalloch PS; 2, Kenzi Wise, Balmalloch PS; 3, Cormac Ferguson, Holy Cross. Primary 6 - 1, Kenzie Walker, Balmalloch PS; 2, Shannon McBride, Balmalloch PS; 3, Aaron Roberts, Balmalloch PS. Primary 7 - 1, James Creaney, Holy Cross; 2, Emily Hammill, Holy Cross; 3, Fraser Gallagher, Kilsyth PS. Primary 7, 3d art - 1, Lauryn MacNiven, Balmalloch PS; 2, Rebecca Stevenson, Balmalloch PS; 3, Ann Paterson, Balmalloch PS. Secondary: Kilsyth Academy - 1, John Cummings; 2, Chloe Barrie; 3, Sarah Hogg. Overall winner - James Creaney, Holy Cross.

Poetry winners: Primary 1 - 1, Erin McFarlane, Kilsyth PS; 2, Tianne Nguyrn, Kilsyth PS; 3, Ewan Black, Kilsyth PS. Primary 2 - 1, Nicole Kelly, Kilsyth PS; 2, Finn McTaggart, Kilsyth PS; 3, Mya Fleming, Kilsyth PS. Primary 3 - 1, Kirsty McDowall, Balmalloch PS; 2, Ellie Thornton, Balmalloch PS; 3, Layla Morris, Balmalloch PS. Primary 4 - 1, Eilidh McDowall, Balmalloch PS; 2, Amy Wilson, Kilsyth PS; 3, Emma Hegarty, Balmalloch PS. Primary 5 - 1, Elena Walker, Banton PS; 2, Emma Stewart, Balmalloch PS; 3, Kieran Macfarlane, Banton PS. Primary 6 - 1, Tegan McEwan, Holy Cross PS; 2, Lewis Pent, Banton PS; 3, Kyle Allan, Balmalloch PS. Primary 7 - 1, Amy Lynda Jarvie, Balmalloch PS; 2, Rory Smith, Banton PS; 3, Paige Wardrope, Holy Cross PS. Secondary: Kilsyth Academy - 1, Natalie Hannah; 2, Kirsty Craigi; 3, Callum Walker. Overall winner: Natalie Hannah.

The Children’s Trivia Quiz was won by St Patrick’s PS with Balmalloch PS hard on their heels. A big thank you to Emma Watkins and Lorraine Scott who wrote the Quiz and acted as Quiz Masters on the night.

Schools Swimming Gala - Boys 25m backstroke: New record holder Kristopher Frobisher (2010) 18.42. 1. Adam McGirr, Holycross, 19.28; 2. Connor Munro, Kilsyth, 22.97; 3. Reece Patrick, Balmalloch, 24.62; 4. Michael McKenna, St Pat’s, 27.69.

Girls 25m backstroke: Current record holder Lois Walker (2008) 18:91. 1. Erin Gribben, St Pat’s, 23.26; 2. Abbey Bankier, Balmalloch, 24.03; 3. Lauren Miller, Kilsyth,

25.35; 4. Kimberley Hinds, Holy Cross, 26.66.

Boys 25m Breast Stroke: Current record holder Murray Gallagher (2009) 22:80. 1. Peter Gribben, St Pat’s, 28.66; 2. Euan McGreechan, Holy Cross, 26.68; 3. Fraser Gallagher, Kilsyth, 29.27; 4. Gary McCann, Balmalloch,


Girls 25m breaststroke: Current record holder Elizabeth Bauld (2007) 22:83. 1. Holly McArthur, Balmalloch, 25.37; 2. Rosie Wyber, St Pat’s, 30.13; 3. Rebecca Myles, Holy Cross, 30.84; 4. Niamh McKenzie, Chapelgreen, 31.42.

Boys 25m freestyle: New record holder Kristopher Frobisher (2011) 14.05. 1. Kristopher Frobisher, Holy Cross, 14.05; 2. Scott Lilburn, Kilsyth, 14.57; 3. Cameron Pollock, St Pat’s, 20.69; 4. Bruce McBride, Balmalloch, 22.94.

Girls 25m freestyle: Current record holder Sarah Frobisher (2009) 15:47. 1. Lyndsey Sword, Balmalloch, 15.57; 2. Lara Baird, St Pat’s, 19.34; 3. Kerry Anne Bolan, Holy Cross, 19.85; 4. Imogen Fleming, Kilsyth, 22.14.

Boys 50m freestyle: Current record holder Andrew Airlie (2010) 26.67. 1. Murray Gallagher, Kilsyth Academy, 33.52.

Girls 50m freestyle: Current record holder Louise Coull (1997) 29:69. 1. Holly Bankier, Kilsyth Academy, 36.03.

Boys 25m relay: Current record holder St Patrick’s (1999) 1:16:41. 1. Kilsyth, 1.18.25; 2. Holy Cross, 1.19.72; 3. St Pat’s, 1.30.97; 4. Chapelgreen, 2.28.13.

Girls 25m relay: Current record holder Holy Cross (2009), 1:12:67. 1. Balmalloch, 1.22.69; 2. St Pat’s, 1.23.75; 3. Holy Cross, 1.32.22; 4. Kilsyth, 1.47.00.

School Placing: 1. St Pat’s, 30; 2. Holy Cross, 29; 3. Balmalloch, 27; 4. Kilsyth, 24; 5. Chapelgreen, 10.

THE inaugural adults seven-a-side football tournament took place on Saturday morning. The competition was won by “The Samba Superstars” who defeated Kilsyth Academy in the final. The other teams that participated were Church of God 1, Sparks Mechanics, Church of God 2, Kilsyth Community Church, The Curling Stone, Larrsons All Stars, Kilsyth Rangers U19s. Overall the tournament was a great success and we hope to see the event return to the programme next year.

The Odd Thing out in the Window competition was won by Katie and Karis, second was Iona and the Queen’s party came third.