Kilsyth Community Council meeting

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KILSYTH Community Council will meet on Wednesday, October 17.

The meeting will take place in Burngreen Hall, commencing at 7pm.

Margot Macmillan, of Kilsyth Community Council, said: “As you will know, North Lanarkshire Council, in common with other local authorities, has no option but to reduce spending over the next few years.

“However, there are a number of choices as to where savings could be made and it is up to the general public to consider these and put forward their preferences so that the officials and councillors can, as far as possible, reflect public opinion when making their decisions.”

She added: “The community council, therefore, are giving an opportunity for all to discuss this at our monthly meeting. There will be a knowledgeable representative of North Lanarkshire Council on hand to explain the options available.

“It’s expected that the greater part of the meeting will be given over to this discussion so do come along, have your say and make your views known.”

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