Kilsyth needs shops to thrive

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Sir, – I write this letter with regards to your recent article in the Kilsyth Chronicle ‘Boost in fight for Main Street’. I think this is an absolute joke, once again the people of the town are denied a chance to see this new development happen.

Every time an application for any new development arises (apart from Home Bargains) it seems that they are non starters from day one. Why does every new development have to revolve around our main street when we have all these premises lying empty in our town that developers want to utilise?

It appears that the same people (Community Council, shop keepers, councillors etc.,) are all in first with their rejections to these plans.

I wonder if it is the thought of competition to these shop keepers that is partly behind this automatic rejection.

As for the councillor’s rejection in the first instance (planning and transportation) I do believe some do not even know where our ailing main street even is.

Finally may I say that my local councillor, Jean Jones, has definitely made the wrong decision. – Yours etc.,


Sir, – Have you an adoption connection? If so, you will know what an amazing thing it is to give a child a safe, loving and permanent home. There is a desperate need for more adopters throughout the UK and you could help inspire others to become a ‘forever family’ for a vulnerable child or sibling group.

The British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF) is looking for more people to volunteer as Adoption Champions to help spread the word about adoption. Even if you do not have a direct connection, but simply care about creating a better future for the most vulnerable of our children, you are very welcome to sign up as an Adoption Champion too.

Our adopted daughter is the most precious thing in our lives, so I have become a Champion to help encourage others to think about adoption – to show that adoption not only changes a child’s life in the best way possible, but also that it brings so much joy and reward to adoptive parents.

Could you inspire others by sharing your experiences by writing a short blog or holding a talk in your local community? Or perhaps you could use your social media channels to support adoption. There are lots of different ways to get involved and the BAAF team are there to give you advice and support. To find out more information and to register, please visit

Clare Grogan

C/o British Association for Adoption & Fostering

6-10 Kirby Street

London EC1N 8TS