Kilsyth public meeting on Spanish war heroes

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A BID to find more information on local men who fought in the Spanish Civil War is continuing – and now a public meeting in Kilsyth has been arranged.

Last month the News and Chronicle revealed that two Kilsythians were part of the International Brigade after the Scottish Scottish Socialist Party investigated.

We told of Robert Burns who fought for 14 months before being wounded and sent back to Kilsyth, and George Burley who drove an ambulance and served with the Spanish Medical Aid Committee’s International Brigade Team.

It is thought that at least one other Kilsythian was part of their number and it is understood fresh information has come to light about his identity.

The matter will be discussed further at the meeting which is a must for history buffs. It is set to take place at the Burngreen Hall on Thursday, September 15 at 7.30pm. All are welcome.