Kilsyth teacher makes his Mark

A TEACHER from Kilsyth Primary has created a revolutionary learning tool which will be used in classrooms around the world.

Principal teacher, Mark Wilson (33), was on a training course when he designed the resource to help kids remember the properties of 3D shapes.

The programme works on interactive SMART Boards and requires youngsters to match shapes with their correct names and identify how many faces and edges each has.

The primary 5 teacher said: "Generally, we (teachers] tend to just use the basics on the SMART Board but I was on a training course in March and the girl was telling us about what you can create, games and interactive tools and so on.

"At the end of the day we had a chance to create something we thought would be useful and I just cobbled together this resource for teaching shapes."

Mark entered his creation into the SMART Exchange Content Challenge, a competition open to schools worldwide, and promptly forgot all about it.

Mark continued: "I heard months later that I had won and the school would be getting a new SMART Board as a prize. I actually thought it was one of those spam e-mails so I didn't do anything at first.

"Then I got a couple of reminders saying I've got to get in touch soon or I would lose the prize. I spoke to the girl that ran the course and she confirmed that I had won.

"It was a complete surprise, a real shock, but I'm delighted that the school is getting a SMART Board out of it."