Kindhearted Cathie is our happy hero

Cathie makes us smile
Cathie makes us smile

When you work in a busy newspaper office, chances are that you’ll get a few smiles along the way. Because Cumbernauld and Kilsyth is full of folk who are willing to provide them.

Yet when it came to discussing who the next nominee for the 2013 Smile Awards might be, our trusty receptionist Moira Malcolmson and bubbly advertising sales rep Maggi Tennant didn’t waste much time.

“It’s got to be Cathie Knight!’’was the reaction of both these Abronhill ladies.

And that makes perfect sense. Simply because Cathie makes us smile.

This 81-year-retired home help from Cumbernauld Village never fails to look out for others.

In the case of the News and Chronicle team, she’ll pop in for a natter, always bearing goodies like apple pies and cookies. In fact Cathie has been dubbed ‘‘Nana Biscuits’’ for her sterling work!

Moira said: “She is a great wee person, always looking out for other people. If they’re sick she’ll pop round for a chat. She’s amazing.’’

Maggi added: ‘‘She makes us smile on a dull day.’’

Proof that her kindly ways extend far beyond our Tay Walk headquarters can readily be found at Sacred Heart Parish Church.

Here we found the great grandmother hard at work at a coffee morning where she was doling out cuppas and the banter to pals. The funds raised will be used to send pilgrims to Lourdes but this is just one of the good works that Cathie is involved in within the parish.

Like so many everyday heroes Cathie is modest with it. She said: “That’s just me. I don’t think I do anything special at all.’’ Well we don’t agree - and we are now inviting YOU to nominate a person who makes you smile by the little things they do every day.You can nominate someone for a Smile Award at or by filling out the nomination form below and returning it to Smile Awards, News and Chronicle, 10-12 Tay Walk, Cumbernauld G67 IBU.