Lab in a lorry learning

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PUPILS at St Maurice’s High School got to see science in action last week as they took part in the Lab in a Lorry project.

The mobile science centre, run by the Scottish Institute of Physics, gave pupils the chance to see how the calculations and number crunching done in the class room is applied in every day life.

Rebecca Kennedy from the Institute said: “The Lab in a Lorry allows pupils to see a reason for science.

“The children can see how it applies to every day life and our volunteers who run the experiments also allow the pupils to see life after a physics qualification.

“The feedback has been really positive, it’s been fantastic.

“It’s good for the pupils to be involved in this because there’s often not time for experiments in class, so this allows pupils to see how science really works.”

The Lab in a Lorry was at St Maurice’s for three days, giving every pupil from first and second year a chance to get involved.

Nicola Cameron, Library and Resource manager at the school said the pupils had a great time.

“All the pupils seemed to love it,” said Nicola.

“They thought it was great and said it was really interesting to see and watch the experiments happen. It tied in with what the pupils are learning about in class as well so again it was good for them to be able to relate the experiments to their work.”